Kacy and Clayton Live at the Hop Yard

Sunday 2nd February Doors open at: 19.30pm

Brought to you by Lonestar Promotions Sussex off the back of their unforgetful night here at the Hop Yard with Jeffrey Martin and Anna Tivel. We are very excited and super happy to announce their second night in the new year with Canadian Counry and Folk band, Kacy and Clayton!... Read More

“A beautiful mix of Kacy's crystalline vocals and Clayton's inventive, deep-groove country guitar.”

Mojo Magazine

"They draw equally from the late ’60s cosmic cowboy sounds of Gram Parsons-era Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, but again, these influences hover around the edges, quietly seeping into the cousins’ own thing. "

Americana UK

"The album feels intimate and grandiose all at once, exploring the quotidian and the mythic, from empty church pews and faded photographs, to wine-stained lips and mighty ships, these images are stark and vividly drawn, somehow both larger-than-life and as mundane as the everyday."

Spill Magazine

"When I first heard Kacy and Clayton, I was struck by how much detail and nuance they had absorbed from what sounded like a large swath of my record collection. When I told them that they were as good as the artists they were drawing from, I’m not sure they believed me. On this record I don’t hear those influences as much as I hear them taking the things they love so intimately and telling their own story. I think they’re a truly great band.”

Jeff Tweedy (Record Producer)

"Basically, taking its cue from the changing seasons, it’s an album about trials and tribulations and, as per the title, making it through the hard times, but if not, then accepting the path, until the clouds break and the sun comes through once more, a reassurance that “it’s a long messy road into town/But nothing can stop us for we’re on our way”."

Mike Davies (Melody Maker/ Folk Radio/ Sounds)

“Our songs for this album are inspired by rural living of the past and present, highlighting the toll that urban dwelling can take on first generation kids moving out of the country into the city.”

Kacy and Clayton